There are so many great pizza restaurants in Galveston Island, TX that it can be hard to decide where to go. But don’t worry. We’ve done the research for you and put together a list of the best pizza places in town. All you have to do is read on and choose what sounds the most delicious!

8 Best Pizza Restaurants in Galveston, Texas

Here are some of the most popular and tasty pizza joints you can find in Galveston. Many are located off of Seawall Blvd, a shore-side 10-mile long sidewalk in the heart of this island.

There are plenty of options that provide you with a great price, an interesting atmosphere, and exciting menus.

1. Mama Teresa’s Flying Pizza & Italian Restaurant

416 21st St, Galveston, TX 77550

Mama Teresa originally opened in Crystal Beach, located on the Bolivar Peninsula in Texas. After 25 years, the venue was closed due to Hurricane Ike.

They are now open in downtown Galveston. They have shown that resiliency and love for great Italian food can overcome any obstacle. Mama Teresa’s restaurant provides a cozy atmosphere for all of its customers. It has been featured on television shows such as Man v. Food Nation, Triple D Nation, and Travel Channel’s Pizza Paradise.

They received regional awards for both categories of “best pizza” and “best Italian food” in Galveston. They are listed at #1 on Tripadvisor, Yelp, and Foursquare.

They offer 11 specialty pizzas with unique and creative ingredients. A build-your-own option gives you free rein over their many generous options. In addition to their pie’s customers keep coming back for the fresh calamari and rich, well-seasoned pasta.

2. Mario’s Seawall Italian Restaurant

628 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550

Mario’s Seawall Italian & Pizzeria is a family-friendly staple. Its relaxed and contemporary decor is perfect for a special date night.

They serve both traditional Mediterranean pizza as well as southwestern fusions, such as their chicken fajita pizza. Their appetizers are fun local spins on classic Italian favorites.

Their locally famous “Joey Deep Dish” pizza is a hearty deep-dish pie created Chicago-style. It’s loaded with homemade Italian sausage, fresh tomatoes, and a generous portion of mozzarella cheese.

3. Russo’s New York Pizzeria

500 Seawall Blvd #300, Galveston, TX 77550

If New York Pizza has your heart, this is the spot for you. This Texas chain is a favorite among many Galveston residents and tourists.

Their pies are very similar to the ones that you can find in New York City, with their thin crusts and fresh ingredients. Their calzones are also beloved and come with a rich homemade marinara sauce.

Another unique menu item is the Buffalina pizza. This pie has high-quality toppings such as arugula, buffalo mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, and truffle oil. Russo’s has created a New-American style pizza that can appeal to casual diners and foodies alike.

4. Grotto Ristorante

5222 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77551

Grotto Ristorante offers a warm and contemporary dining room with a cozy and intimate atmosphere. On top of the restaurant’s impeccable design, there is an ocean view that adds specialness to the dining experience.

Their menu consists of traditional Italian dishes, including many pasta options, but also some seafood selections as well.

They serve old-world Neapolitan thin-crust pizzas with homemade dough. Meat lovers will appreciate the “Meatzza”. This signature pizza is topped with pepperoni, homemade meatballs, prosciutto, Italian sausage, and ground beef.

There are plenty of carb-filled options for gluten-free or intolerant diners, making this a great choice for those with special dietary needs.

5. Mario’s Pizza

13708 Termini-San Luis Pass Rd, Galveston, TX 77554

Mario’s Pizza is great for a casual and quick dining experience or a quick and piping hot delivery. It is a historic pizzeria and community stable. Its history dates back to 1967 when Giovanni Smecca and Mario Bonaccorso, both Italian immigrants, opened the restaurant.

They serve delicious specialty pizzas, including the “Cinque Formaggi” pizza. This cheese lover’s blend is topped with generous portions of mozzarella, provolone, and cheddar cheese.

Make sure to leave room for dessert! Mario’s is also well known for its popular cannolis, cheesecakes, and flija crepes.

6. Gino’s Italian Restaurant

6124 Stewart Rd, Galveston, TX 77551

Gino’s Italian Restaurant is a laid-back, cozy, and affordable pizza spot. It’s popular among Galveston locals but largely unknown to tourists. Their pizza recipes date back to 1966, where they were devised by Gino himself in Des Moines, Iowa.

They offer traditional Italian dishes such as spaghetti and lasagna, in addition to their delicious pizza pies that are made with fresh ingredients at an affordable price.

Their specialty pizzas have unique spins that are distinctly southern, which is perfect for this Texas-based business. The seafood pizza comes with crawfish, crabmeat, shrimp, and plenty of fresh cheese.

7. Papa’s Pizza

4400 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77551

Papa’s Pizza proudly boasts being a member of the Galveston community since 1973. They have expanded their offerings to include wings, pasta, sub sandwiches, and salads. This is a great pit stop if you have many hungry friends who all want different dinners.

If you’re looking for takeout, there are some great deals and discounts to be had. Papa’s Pizza offers a reduced price on specialty pizzas, multiple pizza purchases, and wings.

They have a hefty dessert menu as well, including walnut brownies, chocolate bunt cake, Italian cream cake, and more.

8. Riondo’s Ristorante

2328 Strand St, Galveston

You can find Riondo’s Ristorante in the heart of downtown Galveston. It’s a perfect pairing for grabbing a meal after spending a day at The Strand.

In addition to finding fantastic pizza, you can enjoy seafood ravioli, homemade gnocchi, and a signature lasagna.

Many people enjoy visiting this place for birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries because of the atmosphere and design. It has a sophisticated, classy vibe that isn’t too stuffy or pretentious.

For those who are looking for a more laid-back experience, visiting during happy hour is a great option. The restaurant serves specialty cocktails and wine to pair with your meal, all at a discount.

So Where Are We Eating?

Now that you know about the best Galveston pizza restaurants, it is time to decide where you are going for dinner. The options range from casual and quick delivery spots to upscale Italian bistros.

No matter the occasion or your preference for the atmosphere, there is a place that fits you perfectly! Try one or more of these places out to see why Galveston is one of the best places in the world for delicious pizza and Italian food.