The fishing trip opportunities are bountiful in Galveston, Texas, a city located about 45 miles from Houston. Capture unique experiences by fishing inshore, offshore, at the jetty, or the beautiful piers and hidden fishing spots. Water is abundant for deep-sea fishing, charter tours, boats, and fun.

Cast your line in the middle of Galveston Bay, or venture out into the Gulf of Mexico to capture wahoo, tuna, cobia, mahi-mahi, kingfish (king mackerel), tarpon, shark, catfish, croaker, grouper, amberjack, and marlin. The opportunities are endless, so get out to Galveston today!

The ultimate guide to Galveston fishing below provides you all you need to know about your next vacation to Texas.

When to Fish and What You May Catch

No matter when you embark on your deep-sea fishing or saltwater fishing trip to Galveston, there is always an opportunity to build memories. So, what kinds of experiences can you expect throughout the year? Below are some of the necessary details to note when planning your trip.

January – March

Although the weather will be wet, windy, and cold to begin the year, there is still an excellent chance to catch Drum and Sheepshead by the jetties. If you venture out into the deeper water, you can see both Drum and large redfish.

You get to experience the foggy early mornings with the Trout and Redfish near the deep ledges in February. Explore the jetties and capture a good meal in the Sheepshead and Drum. As the water temperatures climb in March, some of the back lakes, bayou, or marshes offer a wide selection of smaller redfish.

April – June

The water continues to heat up, and so do the Redfish and Speckled Trout. You will also be lucky enough to capture Sheepshead, Black Drum, Sharks, and Bull Reds.

When May hits, the diversity in sharks and other fish start to show. Not only can you fish for Redfish and Trout, but you can also run into sharks like the Black Tip, Bull, Hammerhead, Sand Bar, and much more.

June in Galveston is known for the opening season of Red Snapper. If you are looking for a nighttime fishing opportunity, there is a large selection of Cobia, Kingfish, and Flounder.

July – September

In the hot month of July, you can venture offshore to catch the Red Snapper, scan the Gulf for Mahi-mahi and Cobia, or gig for Drum and Flounder. When the temperature heats up even more in August, the bay fish migrate toward the deeper water. On the other hand, kingfish gravitate nearshore, and the gigging season begins for the Founder.

When September hits, you must maximize every moment as the daylight hours and temperatures drop. The spawning season begins for Bull Red Fish, which allows you to catch between 30-50 per day on a typical bay fishing expedition.

October – December

The spawning continues in October for the Trout and Bull Red Fish. This month is also the most popular time to book your gigging trip to catch some of the best Flounder in Galveston.

As the Flounder season ends and weather conditions are sporadic, you must be more selective in November. Redfish and Speckled Trout are still abundant, however, in the marshes and back lakes.

Toward the middle of December, the Flounder season resumes and gives you the chance to capture a mammoth of a fish.

Where to Fish

Anglers continue to return to Galveston because of the many exciting fishing spots to experience. Below are some of the best locations to camp out on your next trip to Texas.

Galveston Fishing Pier

Galveston fishing pier is located near 9001 Seawall Boulevard and is considered one of the most legendary spots in the area. The pier was created in 1971 and provides guided fishing tours and gear rentals to enjoy. Locals and visitors can purchase a fishing pass to use the pier until 5 A.M. the next morning.

Seawolf Park

Do you prefer catching Flounder? Seawolf Park is the perfect place for you. This fishing spot is located on the beautiful Pelican Island in Galveston. For a minimal fee, you can take advantage of the healthy fish population that glides through Galveston’s ship channel. Relax and have a great day by fishing from the jetties, water, or paved bulkhead.

61st Street Fishing Pier

The 61st Street Fishing Pier provides fun for the whole family at its convenient location on Seawall Boulevard. You can rent rods, enjoy food and drinks, and take in the views at this picturesque spot. You can even snag a discount after 2 A.M. when tickets are 50% off!

Galveston Island State Park

Galveston Island State Park establishes the perfect on-shore fishing setting. You can enjoy the beach on one side and the bay on the other. You can wade fish, cast a fishing rod from the bank, or explore the area via kayak. If you relax near the beach, you can prop your feet on the sandy beach and enjoy the sunshine. No fishing license is required so that the casual fishing fanatic can enjoy the state park.

Charter Tours

The Galveston Fishing Charters are another excellent way for you to explore the area and create unique memories.

Get Hooked Charters

Capt. Mike Short, Dave Woodworth, Zach Lewis, Kevin Burch, Ron Woods, Melody Short, and Walter Curry bring over a century of fishing charter, guide, and report experience. You can explore the offshore fishing waters of Freeport and Galveston, Texas, with this charter. Get Hooked offers five full-time boats and a flexible schedule. You can elevate your fishing experience with Shark Hunting, Jetty, Blue Water, and Tuna trips.

Rod Bending Charters

Capt. Jason Woods owns over 15 years of fishing experience in Galveston and delivers a unique experience on his charter boats. He is a Licensed Captain within the U.S. Coast Guard and offers offshore, jetty, and bay fishing trips for all anglers. Rod Bending Charters also has options for a full day and half-day trips. Woods’ charter service is an excellent option for both corporate groups, families, and single individuals.

Wave Dancer Charters

Wave Dancer Charters offers the full range of amenities on its fishing boats. Located in Galveston, this family-friendly service provides charters for up to six passengers per boat. Onboard amenities include massive shade t-tops, restrooms, extensive fishing, sitting areas, and navigating equipment. All trips include bait, fuel, tackle, bait, reel and rod, bottled water, and more.

Wrap Up

With all of the fishing opportunities in Galveston, you’re sure to reel in the best adventure possible. By considering some of our fishing guide options, you can have fun in the sun while enjoying a great catch.